At some point you may need to ask someone to accept your terms and conditions. With Overture you can do this by requesting a contact update or a client information request. Head over to your Overture settings and in the sidebar you can find the Terms and Conditions option.


Create a document with your terms and conditions and have it to hand ready to upload. Click on the Chose File option and select the file from your computer. You now have a couple of options available to control the conditions when the document will be attached.

Request that terms are accepted when you send a client information request

Client information requests are emails sent by overture asking for information about bookings. For example it could be that you might not know all of the information about a venue so you can ask the promoter to add it for you. This process uses an external one time form. At the bottom of this form, when this option is selected, the promoter can be asked to agree with the terms and conditions in order to submit.

Request that terms are accepted when you send a contact update request

These requests are sent from the contact page. For example, if you have missing contact details, you might require the information to be completed for you and as part of this request you require them to confirm that they agree with your Terms and Conditions. Again this option appears at the bottom to the form and must be checked before submitting.


In both cases the reader can click on the terms and conditions link to view the document that you have uploaded.