With Overture it's easy to import a calendar that is maintained externally such as a Google Calendar, Apple Calendar or Outlook Calendar. This may be a calendar that an artist already maintains and you need the dates on that calendar to appear inside your artists Overture calendar.

To get started you will require the feed from the calendar you wish to add. Share this article with who ever has access to the feed, pointing out the instructions listed below.

Head over to your calendar of choice. For Google Calendar you can find the feed you need by hovering over the calendar name in the sidebar then click on the little arrow to display the menu. In the menu select the Calendar Settings option. This will bring up the Calendar Details page.


Scroll down until you find the Private Address option. Note the warning 'Do not share this address with other users unless you want them to see all the events on this calendar.' Be aware that you only want to share this feed with trusted parties who you don't mind seeing the events it contains.


Click on the button labelled iCal, this brings up a popup containing your unique address that needs to be shared and added to Overture.


For other calendars look for a similar link. For example in iCal you can find this by cmd/right clicking on the calendar name in the sidebar and selecting share, then making sure to have the option public calendar selected copy the link in the popup.


Back in Overture, find the contact record that you would like to add this feed to. Click on View Further Information. Scroll to the bottom of the Further Info page to locate the section labelled Internet Calendars. Paste the feed you received from your contact in this box and hit enter.


You will now see the events from this external calendar pulled in to that contacts Overture calendar. You can select a specific colour for this type of event by selecting the option Use For Internet Calendars at the end of a new or existing event type in the Calendar Events settings page.