In this video I'd like to show how, if you only need a handful of contracts signed per month, you can use Hellosign's standard account. With this solution you upload your documents to Hellosign and request the signatures from there. This allows you to use their standard plans rather than the more expensive API plans that are currently integrated into Overture allowing a more seamless experience.


To get started sign up for a hellosign account and complete the registration process. It might be worthwhile taking a few moments to upload your signature or if you decide to use the Hellosign business level plan you can also setup your account adding your logo and other company information.


You can also add any of the integrations that Hellosign have available. For example you could link to your Dropbox adding a folder that keeps track of all of your signed and unsigned documents. This makes it easier to upload them back into Overture once the signing process is completed.

The next step is to get a document that needs signing. Overture will generate a message for you which you can send if you like but I suggest if you do that, add to the message stating that this will be signed using Hellosign and to wait for an email requesting a signature.

You could of course just run the whole process through Hellosign which you may find easier.

Firstly download the document that requires signatures from Overture and then head over to Hellosign. On the Hellosign dashboard select the type of signatures that are required for this document. Next upload your file. You can use one of the integrated services or just upload using this button or by dragging your file into the box.


Add the recipients who need to sign with their email addresses and then you can use this option to place the signature boxes into the correct location on the document and any other document amendments you require. Now you can add a title and a message then send it off for signatures.

Once people start signing the document you will begin to see the progress in your Hellosign account and also in the emails you will receive letting you know when signatures have been added.

You can also see this process in the dropbox folder. Once all signatures are added to the document they will appear in the Hellosign requested signatures folder. At this point you will know the document is complete and you can upload it back into Overture.


So you can just grab the document from your dropbox, or desktop, however you have it setup, drag it over the Overture interface and fill in the required information and hit upload. If you like you can delete the old contract and mark the completed contract as signed.

That's it. Slightly more long winded that the API integration but as I say if you are looking to keep costs down then this is a nice way to use Hellosign’s great feature set.