We have integrated the Hellosign e-signature platform directly into your Overture workflows. In this post I'm going to show you how to set it up with your Overture account.

If you don't already have a Hellosign account, you will need to create one before you go any further.

So head over to https://www.hellosign.com/ and click Signup in the top right. Enter your email in the box to sign up.

Now check your emails for the confirmation link and proceed to confirm. Once confirmed and with your password chosen you're ready to go.

To properly use Hellosign with your Overture account you will need the API account which can be found at https://www.hellosign.com/api/pricing

You can however use the Hellosign API in test mode to generate non-legally binding contracts. To set this up you will require your API key. This can be found in your Hellosign settings.

In the top right of the Hellosign screen you can see your logged in name click that and then in the menu select settings. In the horizontal menu above the main content you can see the link labelled API. Click that and you will see the API information and the most importantly the API key.

Click reveal key and copy the string of text displayed. Once you have the key copied head over to your settings inside Overture and in the sidebar you can find the Hellosign link. You can now link Overture to your Hellosign account.

Paste your key into the first form input. Since we are setting this up in test mode for now select the checkbox below this to confirm that you are using Hellosign in test mode.

Further down the page, take a look at the options available and decide which are most suitable to the contracts that you generate. For example, for contracts between your agency and a promoter do you require both parties to sign or only the promoter. This will set who the Hellosign emails are sent to for signatures.

Once you are happy with the settings remember to save these settings with the button at the bottom of the screen. The next step is to generate a few contracts to see how they work.

When you generate a contract you will see that the hellosign option will appear at the end of the row in your outbox. You can check and uncheck this option if you want the signatories to have the option to sign the document using Hellosign.

Test out a few of these contracts by including participants where you will receive the contract email. I've selected myself as the artist and ACME bookings to represent the agency. Both of which in my demo account have my email address attached.

When you're ready click send. The emails received will show you the link to the hellosign document. Once you have the document open you can review the details before you sign and then you can just click the box at the bottom to add your signature.

Hellosign gives you a few options to sign the documents how you like, you can upload your own signature or choose from a series of typefaces or even draw your own mark in the box. Obviously much easier to do if you are using a tablet or mobile device.

As signatories complete the signing process you will receive emails letting you know, and when the process is complete a further email will be sent informing all the participants of that.

Inside Overture, you can see how much progress has been made by checking the status. If I hover over the status here in the sidebar for example I can see that the document is currently partially signed and that Martin Folks is yet to sign.

If you like the look of using Hellosign contact support who will be able to help you get setup. Don't forget once you have your Hellosign account active to remove the check under your API key so that you are no longer using it in test mode.