In this video I'm going to show you how to drag and drop files to your booking page. It's very simple to use and we hope it will make a useful addition to your workflows.

To get started simply locate the file you wish to upload. I've got one here on my desktop. When on the booking page drag the file over and as soon as the file enters the window you will see this popup, drag the file over the popup to see popup activated.

Because this file could be a Contract, Invoice or Other file we have built a selection process where you can add the require information. As soon as you drop the file on the modal window you will be able to select the type of document you have.

I have a Contract so I'm going to select that option and then in the next screen I can select who the contract is between then hit Upload Contract I can see the progress as it happens then once it is completed I can see the document in the sidebar.