The radius check in Overture is a feature that allows you to check if there are any bookings within a geographical radius and between set time periods. This can help to prevent your team creating another booking that may clash in some way, be that with a similar artist, the same artist or just the same location.

The radius check happens automatically on your bookings page with some basic defaults settings. You can edit the overall behaviour of the radius clause in your settings. If you head over to settings and in the sidebar locate the Radius Check option.

You have five basic parameters. The number of days before the booking and the number of days after the booking, so in short the overall time period you would like Overture to consider. The radius area you can select anywhere between 1 and 200 miles. Next you can choose to see all the bookings or just those concerning the same artist, and finally whether you want to see just confirmed bookings or bookings of any status.

Set these up however you like and once you have done this take a look at some of your bookings to see if Overture has discovered any positive results. On your booking page within the venue section you can see the radius check alert, which will be green if there are no bookings found and red if there are some bookings found. Click on the alert to view these bookings on a map.

The next screen will show you the bookings that have been found according to your set parameters. You can see these at the top of the map and you can edit if required. For the purposes of this example the radius is set as large as possible so it turns out that there is a booking in London and also a booking in Brighton. You can zoom in on the map if required.

Underneath the map you will find more details and links to the bookings in question.

In the sidebar you can see the details of the booking you have clicked through from and also you can also select or deselect the booking statuses with the key.