This help article is designed to give a brief overview of the settings section inside Overture. Within the help centre you will find settings information inside the help article about the feature rather than a series of articles on each tab of the help section.


If you need to find out information about a specific problem, please use the search bar within the help centre to search by the feature name or use keywords to describe the issue and the search will suggest possible articles for you. Use the tags displayed at the end of each search result to determine whether there is a help video or help article available.


To access your Overture settings look for the settings cog icon in the icon menu at the top of the Overture interface. Click the icon to enter the settings section. You will now see that you have a sub menu on the right of the screen. Depending on the level of permissions you have you may see more or less options. This is also the case depending on the requirements of your agency discussed during your account setup.


It's very important to remember that some of Overture's powerful features benefit from setting up correctly when you begin using the app. Most of this will be shown to you during the initial setup process, in case you need more information, checkout the first video in the Getting Started Series around the 2min 50s mark the settings information begins.

In short, it's a good idea to setup your Tags, Tasks and Booking Statuses and Event Statuses. Take a look at your messages and custom messages so Overture produces the message the way you would like. For more information on this please refer to the help article on Custom Messages.

As always please feel free ton contact support if you have any questions about any of your settings.