It's easy to import contacts form a CSV file into Overture. You will require a CSV of the contacts you wish to import. This could come from your Outlook contacts list, your mail provider contacts list or the contacts list on your Mac or PC.

In the example shown I have exported some contacts from Gmail using their export functionality. To import into Overture go to your contacts tab and in the sidebar locate the option Import Contacts.

On the next screen use the form to choose your file and click the upload button. This will begin the process of selecting the information from the CSV that you require. I have edited my file to keep it clean and easy to display for this article but your file may have a lot of headings that you have to choose from.

As shown in the screenshot above I have chosen the headings that I want to import in this case in my CSV I had the full name and email address and that is all I needed. In the screenshot below you can see that there are a lot of options to choose from so make sure to spend some time going through this to get the import correct the first time.

Use the next and previous buttons to navigate through all of the information you have exported. When you are ready and you think you have all the information you require. Click complete import.

Since importing can take a while the next screen will show you a message making you aware of this. You can carry on using Overture whilst your import processes.