The Docs tab contains a complete current and historical record of all documents created by Overture. If you ever need to check on any of the contracts, invoices and statements that Overture has generated you can use the comprehensive search features within this tab to find them.

Firstly you have the option to search by contact name. You can enter a single name to find all documents related to that contact or you can add multiple names to include documents that contain other contacts as well. Clicking the chevron icon, located at the end of the search box, will display the advanced search options. In the case of the docs tab you can search by the document reference if you know it, choose to search by Only the document participants or Anyone involved in the booking or you can also choose to search by Document date or Booking date.

If you need to locate documents that you know are contained between certain dates you can use the filters located in the blue bar below contact name search box.

Here you have a number of options where you can select the date range first then decide which documents you would like to see. This could be All Invoices or All Unpaid invoices for example. There are many options you can choose from to help you to find exactly the documents you are looking for.