The dashboard is the notifications hub for your company. Your main activities within Overture will produce a notification here allowing you to keep track of what's happening with all of your bookings, events and contacts.

The layout is simple, at the top you have your personal account information. Below that you have the recent activity feed with all of your updated information on bookings, contracts, invoices, tasks, contacts and more.

There are a few behaviours of this feed that are worth noting.

You can choose to view the activity of a single member of your team using the first filter. It's important to remember that once a team member has been selected their contact card will appear in the sidebar meaning that the feed is being filtered by that users updates. To switch back to all users you will need to click the cross in the corner of the contact card to remove that filter from the search.

The dashboard feed works in this way to make it easy to filter by multiple users. For example if I want to see all the updates from Dan and Jack I just need to select them in the filter and I can then see their contact cards in the sidebar showing me that the feed is being filtered. Overture will also remember this search so that if you leave the screen, go away and come back and wonder why you aren't seeing all your activity it could be because of your previous search.

You can also filter by notification type. Available options include Contacts, Tasks, Notes, Bookings, Documents, Messages and Feedback. These options are on/off so when the button is coloured orange this type of notification will be showing. If you find that you cannot see a particular notification that you know should be present you might want to check these options to see if you have the notification type selected.

In the sidebar you have a couple of options to add either a person or a company and also a task with your upcoming tasks appearing conveniently for you in the box below.

Occasionally you may want to pay attention to any notifications concerning Overture system updates and other information that will appear as a notification at the top of your dashboard. You can close this notification with the cross in the top right of the box. If you have a twitter feed attached to your company record the latest tweet will appear in a similar manner at the top of this screen.