In the same way that you can customise your basic Overture messages you can tailor Overture to send other types of messages for you based on certain conditions. Within the settings section in the sidebar you can select Custom Messages. Once there you will see an empty page with two buttons. Click Add Custom Message.

Here you can set a message to be generated when the booking status is changed to one of your predefined statuses. There are then a series of options available to you to then determine exactly when this message is sent for example you could choose to 5 days after the booking status has changed or 14 days before the booking date. You can also set who this message is sent from.

You can then select who the message is to be sent to and whether you wish to confirm the message before sending it, i.e. do you want it to send automatically or do you want to check for the message in the outbox and send it manually.

As with the other messages you can edit the message subject and content remembering that as with all emails you can use Overture's tagging system to control where booking or contact information will be present. You can also choose to send the message to contacts with particular tags using the autosuggest input as show in the screenshot. Add cc's and bcc's if you require team members to be copied into the messages.

IMPORTANT when you have completed your edits you must remember to scroll down to the bottom of this screen and click Save Settings otherwise all your hard work will be lost.