Overture allows you to setup tasks that will automatically be added to each of your Bookings and Events when you add them to your Calendar.

To set these up head over to the Settings section of your Overture account then in the sidebar select the Tasks option. If you have a lot of Task Categories you may need to scroll down to view the Default Tasks section. To add a new default task simply click the Add Field Button, add the task title and hit enter.

As you can see once created you have a number of options that you can edit related to this task. Assign to and Category relate to options available in the task form, you can set these up so that your default tasks belong to a member of your team and are labelled correctly.

Default Booking Tasks

Here is where the two tables differ so that there are different options if you are setting up a Default task for a booking rather than a Default task for an event.

For Booking Tasks you can select the task to be added based on a particular booking status. You can also set the task to trigger at various times. Options available include After Booking Created, Before Booking Date, After Booking Date and After The Date The Task Is Created. These options will help you to tailor your tasks exactly to your workflows.

Default Event Tasks

Further options for Event Tasks again allow you to set when this task is triggered. There are however slightly different options available After Event Created, Before Event Date, After Event Date and After The Date The Task Is Created.

The anchor icon at the end of the table row allows you to set tasks to link to certain Calendar Events. In the example below I have added a task of Buy Flowers, set it to occur 1 day before the event date then clicked on the anchor icon and in the text box added the words Opening Night. The text used for the Calendar Event is what links these two together so it needs to be the same.

I can now add a Calendar Event with the name Opening Night and then when I head over to the event I can see that Overture has automatically added the correct task for me.