Overture makes it easy to integrate your bookings and events into an existing Calendar. For your artists you should provide them with their own login information so they can visit their Overture account and find the Calendar feed directly from there. You can find out more about External Calendars in the article External User Calendar.

The process is the same from either an External user account or an Internal user account, except the screen layouts look slightly different. In the sidebar you will find the option labelled Subscribe. Click that to view the Calendar feed page.

Please heed the warning displayed on this screen. To give access to external users, it is important that you provide them with an External user account and allow them to subscribe to their Calendar directly from there. Do not send links from your Internal user account to an External user.

Copy the link provided on this page to your clipboard, then head over to your calendar provider. The setup process differs for different calendars but they all follow the same basic principles. In Google Calendar find the Other Calendars option in the sidebar and click the arrow to open the menu, then select Add by URL.

For Outlook go to Calendar then click Add Calendar then select From the internet you should then be able to paste the link you copied. For Google Calendar select the Add by URL option and you will be able to paste the link in the next step.

Select Add Calendar to save. You should now see any Bookings and Events that are part of this Calendar appear with the colour selected in the sidebar. Click on the menu next to the calendar to change options such as colour and Calendar name.

Known issues

Calendars will only update in accordance with the update period of that calendar, this is not controlled by Overture and varies from a few minutes to up to 24 hours for Google Calendar. If you are experiencing problems with Google Calendar there is a second link on the Subscribe page that you can you to correct this issue.

There is also a known issue with Google Calendar not supporting the standard length ics feed. Google Calendar limits the length of this feed to 256 characters so you may find that the feed will not work if you have many statuses selected since this increases the length of the feed that you copy and paste.

To rectify this problem, if appropriate select all the statuses as this will remove all the status names from the feed link and add 'all' instead. You could also select only one status at a time and import them into Google Calendar individually. Please note this is only fo Google Calendar and not for other Calendar apps.