You can setup Overture to request information from Promoters with an easily customisable form.

The first step is to make sure you setup the information you wish to collect. So head over to your settings and then find the messages link in the sidebar.

Scroll down to find the Promoter Information Requests section. You can tailor what you would like included in the form here. For example you might wish to include Services and Products, Notes or Venue information. You can also customise the text that appears in the message and add CC's and BCC's to keep a close eye on when messages are sent.

Once you have setup your message you are ready to begin collecting the information you require.

Head over to a booking that you would like information from the promoter on. In the further information fields you can also add specific fields to be added to the form. Just check the box labelled Request this info from the promoter

In the sidebar of the booking page you will find the option labelled Request further info from promoter. Click this link and Overture will generate the message for you and place it ready to send in your Outbox if you have the Confirm before sending option checked in the settings. Otherwise it will send it automatically.

When sent the option in the sidebar changes to display how much of the form has been completed by the promoter.

If you have set Overture to require confirmation before sending then head over to the Outbox to view your message and then send. You can add any custom message content here that you like.

The message as well as containing any custom content you created will also contain a link so that the promoter can complete the form. Your logo will be placed at the top of the page and once completed your booking information will update.