Sometimes you may need to notify a person about a booking when they are not usually involved with the Artist. Depending on what level of information they require, you can add the person to the artist record, then removing them from all notifications and tailoring specific notifications from the booking screen.

Firstly make sure you have added the correct artist name to the contact record you want to add. Then open the artist record and click Show All located at the top of the People box in the sidebar. On the next screen click the person icon next to the name of the contact you to edit.

Then uncheck include in notifications.

By doing this they will not be notified of bookings unless added separately on the booking page.

Adding notifications on the booking page

To add a contact to notifications on the bookings page, create or select a booking as normal, then in the artist field click Edit Section, then Edit Notifications.

This will bring up the contacts associated with the act in a modal window. Then you can just tick the name required, they will now be notified of this booking.

When a contact is added to an artist record this way they will only see certain bookings. They will also be able to see all calendar events unless the event is linked to a booking they are not part of.