Further information fields are flexible content containers that sit at the bottom of your bookings page. For bookings they serve three main purposes. Adding booking specific information to your contracts, requesting information from promoters and creating itineraries.


When you start using Overture our support team will integrate your existing contract or contracts for you, as part of this process you can add placeholders for the further information to pull the information you've added on your booking page directly into your contract.


If you have further information fields in your contracts then you will need to make sure that you don't edit the titles otherwise the method used to pull them into the document will not recognise them correctly and they will not be added.

Apart from the fields that we add for you when you begin using Overture you can create your own to quickly add to bookings.


You may want to use these fields to request information from promoters about a booking or to add to any itineraries that you generate for your artists. Any fields that you create will not be added to contracts unless Overture support add them to the template for you.

You can add individual fields straight into the booking page by clicking on the link labelled Add a new custom information form and adding the title into the popup.


Then simply add the required information into the text box. If you use particular fields all the time you can you can set them up so you can select from a predefined list.


Head over to settings and in the sidebar menu find the bookings menu item. Scroll to the bottom of this page and you'll find any existing further information sections that you already have setup. You can add to these either by adding an extra field to the group by clicking the Add Heading button.

You can also create a whole new group by clicking the Add Another Group button. Simply add the title of the group. Then use the new Add Heading button to add a field. The sections you have created in the settings will now be available for you on the booking page, you can select them using the drop down then selecting the title that you gave to your group and clicking Add selected group.

You can see that there are three checkbox options as part of each field. They are pretty self explanatory. You can choose if the fields will appear automatically on every booking. You can select them to appear on the request info from promoter page.

See this article for requesting information from your promoters.

Finally you can choose to automatically add them to any itineraries that you generate, this is selected by default. They will appear in the itineraries report page where you can select them to appear on a published itinerary.


You can also click the page icon at the end of the field and add any default information that will always appear for this type of further information. Saving you from having to add it all the time with every booking.