Maps in Overture offer some very powerful features to help you and your artists in a variety of situations. There are more specific articles for some of these features so be sure to read them through by following the links below.

Contact Locations

To begin using maps you need to make sure that your contacts have the correct address information so that Overture can grab the Latitude and Longitude coordinates correctly.

When addresses have this information you can click on the address link in the contact record and you will be taken to the maps screen with the correct location marked.

It's important to make sure this information is correct so that when you come to viewing bookings on a map you can see the locations correctly. If you are having problems with booking locations not appearing check the contact information to make sure that the map point is being found correctly.

Bookings on a map

On the bookings tab home screen in the top right of the sidebar you will see the button labelled View On Map. Clicking on this link will show you all of you bookings plotted on a map.

This could end up as a lot of bookings so it's a good idea to add some filters into the mix. For example you might want to use the key in the sidebar of the maps screen to only so bookings with a particular status in the example below confirmed bookings have been removed from the list.

You can also use the contact filter at the top of the main section and the date filters to further refine your searches.

Radius checks

The radius check in Overture is a feature that allows you to check if there are any bookings within a geographical radius and between set time periods. This can help to prevent your team creating another booking that may clash in some way, be that with a similar artist, the same artist or just the same location.

There is a full article detailing this feature that can be found by following the link below.

Using the Overture Radius Check Feature