Each of your Overture contacts whether they are a Person record, Act record or even a Company record has their own Media page serving as the hub for all public facing content you might need to add for them.

Usually this could be promotional images, profile images and descriptions or biographies or perhaps links to past appearances and shows.

You can access this page from the contact record in the sidebar as shown above. This page has it's own unique URL that you can share, giving access to these images and other content to promoters or others who may wish to book any of your artists. At the top of the page your company logo is presented so that visitors know it is yours.

This page has four main sections.


Firstly there is the paragraph of text for you to describe the artist. To add text simply click the link to reveal the text input box. Type the text you require and hit Save Information. Once your text is saved you can edit it again by clicking anywhere on the text.


Next you can upload as many images as required as long as each individual file size does not exceed 10mb. Click on the button at the end of the section to show the add image popup. Click choose file to search your computer for the image you would like to add and then hit Upload Image.

Once you have an image uploaded you can choose to upload another or to close the popup and look at your images. You now have options below the image to add a title, download the image or to delete it from the list.


In the documents section you can upload any files you require for example an artist biography or perhaps reviews that the artist may have received. Click the button at the end of the section to open the document upload modal.

In the popup you have the options to choose a file from your computer, give the document a title and add a description. Again the popup will remain until you close it in case you wish to upload more than one file.


Finally you can add links to other websites that may have content to represent your artist. For example there might be a Youtube or Vimeo video of their performances or an article that has been written in a newspaper or blog. The same process applies in this case visit the page you wish to link to copy the address from the bar at the top. Paste this link into the first form field then add your link title and a description if required.