If you need to notify a contact about a booking but they are not always involved with the Artist listed, Overture has a couple of options to fine-tune the notifications system.

Add Contact To Artist Record

In the sidebar of an artist record you will see a box labelled people. This is a list of all the current contacts associated with this artist. Click 'Show All' at the top of this box to view a more detailed list with editing options.

Next to each contact name is a series of icons. Click the user icon to view the contact settings. In the popup you can see options to add them as a main contact, add or remove them from bookings or future bookings. There is also the option to include them in notifications. Uncheck this box.

Now this contact will not receive booking notifications unless added on the booking page on a per booking basis, adding them in the Artist section under 'Edit Notifications'.

When a contact is added to an artist record this way they will only see certain bookings. They will be able to see all calendar events unless the event is linked to a booking they are not part of.

Add Other Contacts To Booking

If you have a contact that every now and again needs to be notified of an event but you do not want them to be associated with the artist record, you can add another contact to the booking using the 'Other Contacts' section.

On your booking screen add the contact as per usual in this example Mike is now associated with the booking and will now see this on his calendar, you can change the title from contact to something more fitting to the role on the booking, just click on the word ‘contact’ to edit.

This is purely for reference rather than notification. If you have given the contact an external log in, they will see the booking on their calendar. If they need notification of the event, you can send an itinerary to them using the itinerary report screen.

Alternatively you can include them in the event confirmation email. Just go to the outbox and open the message waiting to be sent and click edit.

In the edit screen you can add them to the CC field and you click Save, the system will now ask if you would like them to always be CC'd. If you click save and remember then any confirmation emails will include this contact as CC'd, if you click cancel it will only be that message.