With Overture it is possible to generate a single invoice for multiple bookings over a time period.

To do this go to the bookings tab and search for the artist you wish to create the invoices for. Once you have selected the artist you will see their name sits inside the top search bar. Below this in the blue bar you can select the date range for the invoices you require.

On the left of each booking in the list is a checkbox, simply check the boxes for the bookings you would like to create an invoice for and then in the menu bar at the top select invoice.

Overture will then present you with the option to select who the invoice participants are. Use the radio buttons to select who you require then click generate invoice.

Your invoice will now be created with all the amounts due collected in one table. You can then select or de-select whichever you wish from the list before creating the paper version by using the Word or PDF options in the sidebar of the invoice screen.

Once generated you will see the invoice appear in the sidebars of each of the bookings you selected.