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In this video I'm going to take you through adding and editing a new booking specifically looking at the workflows for Classical Agencies.

The Calendar

To add a booking to Overture the best place to start is the Calendar tab. So let's head over there. As you can see in the sidebar we have the booking statuses that we setup in the first video and a button to add a new booking. However the best way to add your bookings is directly onto the calendar itself.

Make sure that the calendar is showing for the artist you require by searching for them in the box at the top. Again as this is a completely new account I don't have any bookings for this contact yet. To add a booking simply click on the date you require or click and drag to highlight multiple days. I'm going to block off a period of 6 days for this particular booking.

You'll then see this form where you can select Booking or Calendar Event. Calendar Events can be any daily event you like but they also have a set of features specifically designed for Classical Agencies. Calendar events also have their own section in the settings which I will quickly setup so that when I add a new event I have the correct event types to choose from.

In settings then in the sidebar the calendar events option. In the event types table at the top I can click 'add field' and then I'm going to add two types for now. Rehearsal and Performance and I'm also going to set colours for them.

Back at the Calendar screen we had the form open ready to add our booking if I switch between booking and calendar event you can see the form fields change with and in the dropdown here our new event types appear. For now I'm going add this booking and then add the individual calendar events. So I'll add Brighton and set the status as pencilled.

I'm also going to add myself as the agent on this booking and then hit save. You can see the booking now appear in the calendar with the colour of the status pencilled that we setup in the first video.

Adding Calendar Events

If I now switch the calendar to the week view I can go ahead and mark off each of the individual calendar events. So lets start by adding a rehearsal. If I click on the event I will be taken to the event screen where I can fill in more information if required. In this case I'd just like to add the venue for the rehearsal then I can copy the event to the next two days so I don't have to fill it in again.

I'll also add in some performances then follow the same process by adding a venue then copying the event.

If I now head back to the calendar I can see all of my events sitting below with the booking over the top of them. I now want to setup the rest of the information I have for this booking so I'll click on the booking name to head over to the booking screen.

Adding all the booking information

You can see from the options in the sidebar that it's the central hub for everything related to this booking. When you begin to use Overture it looks like a lot of options but don't worry I'll take you through them all one by one in future videos.

To begin with I'll go ahead and populate the rest of this form with the information that I know at this point. I can either add the company name and select the contact or add the name of the contact then the company they belong to will populate automatically. Hit save section after every edit.

The artist field is already selected as I added the booking directly to this artists calendar. As you can see here Overture shows who will receive notifications about the booking. You can edit these buy clicking 'Edit Notifications' and then selecting or deselecting whoever you like in the modal window.

Next we move on to the financials section. This is where you can select the type of deal that you are going to complete. For this booking I'm going to add a fee per performance to with 10% commission they will pay to the agency. If you need to add sales tax or VAT to your commission or to the fee you can do using the boxes labelled.

You can also add expenses. Again you can select from the list you have available these can be customised in the settings since I haven’t set any up yet but I can just as easily add an expense by clicking this link and entering my expense in the input field.

I'm going to add travel and then add the amount. You can see here that you can select to whom the expense will be billed to. At the moment it’s to the artist but we can change it to be the promoter for example. Let’s save and we can see the table appears with all the amounts nicely totalled up for us.

Watch the next video. Getting Started Video 5 - Contracts & Invoices